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About the WILDE Foundation

The WILDE Foundation is a platform created to promote, educate, empower and heal women and girls, victims and survivors of all kinds of abuse.

We use a creative platform to restore and rebuild a woman’s self-esteem and confidence, promoting self-love after domestic abuse/sexual abuse and harmful cultural practices.

The WILDE Foundation is intent on freeing women and girls from the trauma they have lived through and encourage them to develop a strong sense of independence, self-worth and contributions to community growth and well-being through creative expressions.

The WILDE Foundation encourages women to enhance their objectives to allow personal growth.

The WILDE Foundation provides a creative space which enables and empowers women to express themselves by scribing their success stories, poems and spoken word that will encourage others to talk about their journeys, which leads ultimately to freedom and self-expression.

The WILDE Foundation encourages women to share their stories, as one day it could become another woman’s survival guide.

We create creative tools for women to empower women, to learn new things about themselves and develop self-sufficiency. They can then challenge barriers that prevent them from self-development, including all forms of abuse, including harmful cultural practices.

We use creative tools for women to see themselves from a new perspective and develop new and innovative ideas together.

The organisation achieves this through delivering free or low-cost grant-funded workshops, training, coaching, seminars, conferences, writing festivals and online workshops for creative writing and empowerment. It also works in partnership with organisations where the 12-week CPD-accredited Domestic Abuse Ambassador Training is delivered to staff, the public or client groups.