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The WILDE Foundation is dedicated to providing high-quality specialist training in a user-friendly environment for clients who seek to increase their awareness of domestic abuse and its impact on women and girls.

We have created an equitable and creative work environment, which respects diversity, creativity, and smart and hard work.

We are always working to expand our learning and development programmes and to create conferences and fundraising events to ensure the growth of our quality training.

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Free Me To Be Me Campaign Pilotlight Partner Charity

I did the Free Me Domestic Abuse training in 2018 and gained a lot of insight into the lives of women and children who experience violence in their own homes and from someone they love.

I was one who had very little sympathy for women who stayed with abusers, but the Free Me Domestic Abuse course helped me to understand the complexities of women in this situation, and how destructive the violence is against self-esteem, self-confidence, completely interrupting self-care and self-love. I strongly recommend this course.

S. Ahmed

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